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My account is block why please help me

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: New Delhi, National Capital Territory Of Delhi

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I don't want you to feel like I'm discriminating against you at all and I'll understand if you get defensive, mad, and slighted but I'm in law enforcement and many scammers I've found came from New Delhi, India. I didn't get your name but 100% of them use western names like Steve or Catherine to give the impression that you are a legitimate American or Canadian company.

But once you call, I can hear the call center noise in the background and once the scammer speaks, omg, there is a very strong indian accent. Normally to complete the scam, they pass you over to their " supervisor" and they instruct you to go to the nearest Walmart or Walgreens and buy 10 $100.00 gift cards and don't hang up but read all the serial numbers from each card. I am in the law enforcement cybercrime unit for the government. They are pleasant and unbelievably patient until you start stalling them.

After a while my computer screen tells me what part of the world, right down to the city, the call is from. Many are from the same place, New Delhi, India. Scammers get testy after a while and usually start swearing in their language and English and they insult you, rape your daughter and wife threats and I usually ask " why are you scamming people, especially the elderly"? They admit that they are scammers making $500.00 an hour and laugh that " we call Americans because they are stupid"!

So perhaps, someone has claimed that you are a scammer. It's not fair to you people who actually work for a living. I've had some cry and promise to stop, especially when I tell them where their from. And I can turn on your cam and see your face if I want to.

And I can also delete all your files. I use a virtual computer with fake bank accounts and credit cards and when I give you remote access to my fake computer and accounts. The fun begins. The sometimes thousands of potential " customers" get deleted and you cannot retrieve these innocent people.

You see, I am a professional government law enforcement hacker. So perhaps, somebody mistook you for a scammer and reported you maybe unfairly, but that's the price Indians living in New Delhi pay.

A few scammers are ruining your country's reputation.. sorry but maybe that's why you are under a stethoscope.

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