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I want to start off by saying your customer service is a no *** show. There was no one to talk to on the day of or after the *** I still have actually seen no progress at all on this case.

My old account email is matthew_williams_90@***.com. If you try signing in with that, it will pull up the scammer email!!! When I press forgot password. There was no way I could save my self after the *** I couldn't even get an email sent to my original profile email.

You guys need to *** fix that *** He has a new email on there and my phone number is being used for a new account. I can't even email my old email to reset and i should be able too!!!! That's a big problem. The scammer is still on my old account pretending to be me and pretending to be working as an agent for the GOVERNMENT.please help ..

please help.

I still have the old FB account my phone so i could sign in by just putting my password. The scammers are winning .please help

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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