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They have no customer service number. My account was hacked 3 weeks ago I've had to sens them my ID to verify it's me and yet the hacker is still in my account and using my messenger to try to scam my friends and family.

User's recommendation: Change passwords often.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Hello facebook term. Hello sir.my facebook account has been hacked when I try to login it's showing me thet the password is incorrect and it's changed then also tried forgotten password but the heeker has also changed the phone number and email the form account that's why I totally lost my account that's why I sending my identity to proof that I am real owener of this account please do something about it my account linkhttps://www.facebook.com/munnasharma.sharma.587./ your faithfully.

___santush kurmi__/facebook name__ Munna Kumar Sharma__/.

My phone number__738520****___. / My proof __

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