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Good morning!

Please note the email I registered my account with is no longer available (dhjhollis@***.com). All Aim accounts were discontinued years ago and I do not have any control over that.

Please update my information on the back end to darnettahollis@***.com. Also, my passport ID should be acceptable to prove my identity because Darnetta Hollis is my legal name. Beander was my grandmothers maiden name that I decided to use to hide from certain people that would find and request me online.

I have several childhood pictures and memories on my Facebook account and this is unfair that after years of not having to login and not being able to reset my password I am now not able to use my account. Please provide me with a contact number instead of these automated prompts with limited options that cant assist me.



Preferred solution: Access to my account and have my email address updated on the back end. .

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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