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My account was suspended on June 11th for a post that was outside of Facebook guidelines about children.

i deactivated my account on June 1st for personal reasons because of the memories popping up from 2016 of my wifes passing.

i just decided to shut it off for a few weeks and not go through that this year

i was notified days later on June 11th about this post about children on June 11, and my account was suspended for 72 hours. its never been reactivated, and I'd like to have the suspension removed please.

I have reached out multiple times with no success, to find a solution for my account.

Please let me know the proper channels to clear this up. Other than my recent nasty divorce, I

have no idea what or who could have reported anything.

Thank You for your time and response....

Roger Kell

Milton, Florida


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Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Did Facebook say they may report you under the law? Has your account been reactivated or has it been permanently disabled ?

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