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Hi my account has been hacked sometimes I go on to the page The live button is been disable To where I cant tap on it the button also whoever is hacking my account is following me all around the page my whole phone is being tap its Facebook and YouTube those are the ones I go onto quite often and Im being followed around the page and harassed around the page The hacker has hacked my account from truly African account its like theres a mirror on the account or something to where they can see exactly what Im searching up or what Im tapping on my account and I pay entirely too much money to go through this on my phone or iPad or computer Once I log in I have no privacy My page has definitely been hacked

User's recommendation: Stay mindful because people do *** accounts and will watch you and follow you on harass you around your account so that’s my recommendation.

Preferred solution: I would like to have privacy on my account .

Facebook Pros: Contact with friends and family.

Facebook Cons: Hard to get technical support.

Location: Van Nuys, California

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