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I am frustrated with the way my account has been handled. I have been on facebook for years and never for one day had single issue or complain against me.

I have also been an active seller on marketplace for years and never had issue or reported by anyone that I know off. I do travel to other countries and comeback like everyone else does. On one occation I came back my marketplace was not working I waited and after couple of months I contacted and my market place was released. Since then I have never had any issues what so ever.

Recently, I started selling more on my marketplace, I have a discount bin store and my customers have begged me to put some items online so they can purchase them.

Which I did but facebook has been treating my account like I am scam? I have never had any issues both on my personal account and marketplace yet my account keeps getting blocked.

Just few weeks ago I am selling well on my market place and getting great reviews yet facebook keeps blocking my account without access to my customers listing, in other words if I don't send the item on time I may get a bad complain. I was asked to send my tax details because I have sold more than $500. Which I did.

The next day or two my account was blocked and was asked to send a gov. ID which I sent again and my account was released but my marketplace is still not fully restored. Now my account is blocked again and I am asked to do a selfie video, which I have done but immediately the video is done a red I for pops and say video can't be submitted?

My question is what have I done wrong for you to block my account and prevent me from selling on marketplace just like everyone else even though I have never had a single complain? Or is this a race issue because I visit or originally from Nigeria?

Please I need my account fully restored and my market place fully restored for my to place dad's. I have placed ad's and paid for them, I don't have a balance so what is the problem?

Location: Kearny, New Jersey

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