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My account is again restricted, don't understand why is it that. Mark Zuckerberg continuing censoring my user account for delivering the truth My stamens ts are in no way a hates peach or threatening to anyone 100% far from it.

You have millions of FB subscribers promoting, terrorism attacks posting hate speech, threatening, harassing, violences, sex trafficking, prostitution kidnapping the worst that you can expect their pages not taking down or restricted evidences speak for itself.

Not receiving my notifications, minimizing the political podcast that doesn't fit their narrative, strongly believed my account is racially profiled do to political believed or affiliations I stand by my truth, everyone has a right to freedom of expression and shouldn't be a target base own their personal believed. I'm requesting a review of the restriction of my account and looking forward for your response



User's recommendation: I'm requesting tha the CEOs of FB will operate on a fair honest institution.

Preferred solution: I'm requesting my acvount to be reinstated .

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