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Someone has hacked my facebook and showing my ID with my name address and information on it. They are pretending to be financial consultants and stealing people's ID and taking their accounts, now my old and new account is disabled.

I made a new account because my old one I had for years is gone. Facebook need to ask the person with my page questions about me that's not on my Id &;;;;;;;;; page.

My email for my facebook they hacked is: dsave39@***.com and phone # is: 804 939 ****

During this pandemic time people are on the site taking advantage of people.

Ask them what's my son's name and how old he is. My son name is Lahron Stephon Savery and he's 16yrs old.

Ask them what type of health issues I have; it's high blood pressure & diabetes. Ask them how many children I have all together and the answer is 6.

5girls and one boy.

They replaced my email address with there own and now I can't sign in and now my account is diabled for 30days but why when Im not the one using my own account; IT'S BEEN HACKED! NOW MY NEW ACCOUNT I JUST MADE IS DISABLED TO WITH EMAIL ADDRESS: DAWNSAVE47@***.COM

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Preferred solution: Give me my account back.

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