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Dear Facebook Team,



Mobile Number: 0740072**** or 0736849**** both are my numbers.

I live in England, Warrington.

I have also attached my residence card to prove my identity.

On the 26th o of June i have shared a funny video with my friends as a joke and 10 mins after me sending the video my Facebook account was completely disabled!! I didnt know that the video goes against Facebook privacy and I didnt get any warnings!

I have been with Facebook since 2010 and i have been a very good user and my account has never been disabled ever before!

So i have so much history and friends and even business on Facebook that i can not imagine my life without anymore!

So it has been so difficult for me in the last 15 days i have lost contact with everyone and everything!!

I can send you anything to prove that this video i have shared was pure joke nothing more! I can even email to yourselves if you would like to see it!!

I just need my account to get working again ASAP please.

Best Regards

Mo Yousif

Location: Brandon Creek, England

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