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Hlo sir

I am using my official facebook account from last 10 years.i know very well facebook community guidlines and also strictly follow them but

Recently facebook team disabled my both instagram and Facebook account and i tried everything to reactivate my account but they don't listen to me even they didn't give a chance to prove myself that i was not guilty and not doing anything wrong with there community guidelines my facebook account have at least 10 years old and it is very important to me i have lot of memories with facebook and i save my personal data on Facebook which is hardly attached to me.

At least a single time Facebook should listen to me and try to understand my emotions with my account.

I req to facebook plz reactivate my facebook account if u don't want to reactivate my both account so plz reactivate my facebook account which is very old and precision to me. I m sending details below and my vailid ID proof.

Thank you facebook team.

Facebook details


Mobile no-981203****

Name - Gaurav soni

Instagram details

User name- Gaurav_soni__official

Name - Gaurav soni


Mobile number-981203****

Facebook disabled

Your account has been disabled

You cannot use Facebook because your linked Instagram account gaurav_soni__official is disabled.

Activity on gaurav_soni__official goes against Instagram's Community Guidelines or other standards.

If you think that your accounts were disabled by mistake, you can request a review of the decision on Instagram. To find out more, visit the Instagram Help Centre.

Location: Ambala, Haryana

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