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I still can't get into my primary account , it was hacked , email, password and age changed, this is the hackers email listed on my old page nestijirku@***.com please resolve this issue. I had to open up another page my email is emckay49@***.com!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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PLEASE BEWARE: SCAMMERS target victims who post their email addresses on this site with FAKE "FACEBOOK" EMAILS; Claiming that they can help you. They're just trying to scam you out of things like your ID photos and Facebook password, etc.

So, if you're receiving any emails, claiming to be from Facebook, PLEASE, ignore them; Don't become another Spear-Phishing victim.

If this reaches you to late to stop you from falling for the email scam, Google "FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center" to file a report about your HACKED Facebook account. Then, call your local, non-emergency police (NOT 911) and file a report there, as well.

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