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I am TIRED and flat out annoyed. I have been trying to recover my facebook for over an hour now.

Someone hacked into my account, changed my email, password, and phone number. On your help and support you have all of these links to "help" but not a single one of them actually help. My name is Destiny Pelton, I am 19. I was born on March 13, 2002.

My mom is Kelly Pelton, my dad is Christopher Pelton, my sister is Genavieve Pelton, my brother is Alex Pelton, my aunt is Crystal Dusseau. That should all be on my account. My account was hacked around 7:20 am Mountain time. I attend Chadron state, and I am studying Legal stuides.

I am on the track team. The initials in my bio LDN stand for my friend who passed, Luis Daniel Narvaez.

Now I need some dang help before I lose it. I dont want to hear a single thing about enter your phone number, email, or password that was linked to the account just to have yall tell me that it has changed. I already know that and that right there is the problem.

My old email on the account was destiny.pelton@***.com

My old password on the account was missmae, ALL LOWERCASE.

that was a nickname my mom gave me when i was a kid.

My current phone number that was changed on the account was/is 970-380-****

I have given you so much information at this point you have to be able to do soemthing to help me log back into my account.

Please, I have already tried all of your stinking links and none of them are helping. DO SOMETHING!!!!

Please Help Me.

Preferred solution: my account back .

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