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Good evening,

I received a DM from my best friend (at least I thought it was her but turns out she was hacked too). Anyway.. I thought it was her so I trusted her with my login info when she said she needed it to look something up. Next thing you know, I cannot sign into my IG account so I contacted her. She said she was never talking to me because she was spending that entire time trying to get into her own account. I have a business page and a personal page, and I saw from my business page how the hacker was posting bitcoin stuff and asking my followers for money on my personal page. I had my friends report my page because this is not ok. I also posted on my business page to not listen to anything that was being posted from my personal page. I then sent my personal page a DM from my business page and the hacker responded saying *** give me my account if I paid him (I have screenshots).

He then blocked my cooking page from my personal page so I couldnt contact him because I started using a lot of profanity since I was pissed.

He changed my email, password, and phone number so theres no way for me to reset my password or login. I have literally tried everything with the Get Help Signing in and filling out forms.

I am willing to follow the steps necessary to recover my account. Please help!

Username: @ashlienotashley_

Full name: Ashlie Richardson

Email that was associated with account before they changed it: aricheffect@***.com

Phone number associated with account before they changed it: 404-734-****

I live in Atlanta, GA and I can verify every piece of information possible. I can even screen record and send you my camera roll of all the original pictures Ive posted on IG. I need your help please! This app is how I meet people to make my living. Pleeeaase help! Thank you!

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