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I am not happy right now! Some person changed my primary email to theirs and changed all my password! I can not access my own account that Ive had for over ten years! My name is Holly and this person is trying to access more of my information! My email is NOT hollygrant714! My email associated with that account is either ladyluck or goldmannholly ! I am so upset that this happened and would like this to be corrected! I cant reset my password because it didnt give me an option to send it anywhere else! Its taking me in circles and Im fed up; this person is now receiving emails that I am trying to get back into my own account!!!

Please fix this! That person is NOT me, i need those password resets sent to my phone ( which is also listed) or someone help me and delete that primary email and let me add back mine and secure my *** profile!

This shouldnt be happening and this person attempted this last night and I am devastated!

Please fix my account!

Location: Modesto, California

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