My name is Stephanie Michelle Vaczy and I've been hacked by 3 different places NY, NM, and Russia I was told by Any Desk which was of no help I feel like they took advantage of me and charged me $100 to take over my cell and computer to do nothing. They got access because I trusted them and yet they still didn't get my Facebook account back.

I have screenshot of the iPhone that hacked me , the email address that is not mine being used for my Facebook account and the password (old) they used. I desperately have been trying to reach someone at Facebook to help me gain and secure control of my Facebook account but to no eval. Please I really need the account back I have 25 years of pictures and videos and more importantly messages from my mom who recently past away on top of legal paperwork that I need desperately. So again will someone please give a damn and help me.

I've been aloysl Facebook user since their debuted. Please

User's recommendation: Remember Facebook offers no customer service on the phone.

Location: Saugus, Massachusetts

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