My original account James Barry Jr was hacked. The email changed my phone number changed and nothing I can do apparently.

This has been over a week of somebody posting pictures of my daughter who is 7 and pretending to be Mr. This is *** quit frankly. I haven't been able to get in contact with anyone to help me with this problem. 1000 of pictures over 15 years just gone to me.

Finally a Richard Gaeiz said he was able to help when I started another page to report my other one. He was completely rude and wanted money. I am pretty sure he is a fraud ad well. Several of my friends have reported my page I have also and the community standard team denied it every time for some reason.

This person is asking my friends for money and very upset.

There should be a way I can recover my page and NOBODY CAN HELP ME!! YOU CANT TALK TO ANYBOSY!!!

Location: Dorchester, Massachusetts

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