Good Morning! As per previous emails, I explained that my account was hacked in a strange way, as I have 2-step verification, and I would hate access of any kind, I always received a notification and in this case I didn't.

I received an email from Facebook, confirming the invasion of my account in which they made some kind of ad that violated the platform's guidelines, in which it generated an expense of more than 19 thousand reais on my account and confirmed by Facebook that I did not and who would reverse these values.

I request the return of my login, because it is the only way to access my ad manager, it has a page with a relevant number of people and ad accounts of companies in which I am a partner, this has been causing me financial loss

Waiting for an answer, if I don't get an answer, I will have to resort to legal channels.


Carlos Constantino

Location: Brasília, Federal District

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