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My account was hacked and they changed my email and phone number. I created a new account and they blocked me as well.

Facebook is not helping by further investigating. Yall wont do anything about my account being hacked when I can prove I am who I am. With my old ID in which they have a copy of me holding is how they scammed me into getting into my account. If you look at the date on the ID that Im holding with the photo that they have, its old.

My new account is updated with my information, I can prove that I am who I am. I have my ID, Social Security card, birth certificate, and I just recently received my passport. All in which I can prove I am who I am.

My old account, all they have is a picture of me holding my ID in which they asked me to do. Please help me retrieve my old account, due to the fact my childrens youth pictures are on that account.

Location: Victoria, Texas

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