I need help having my Facebook account reviewed. I got a Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas (That I Love) and on Jan 3 when I logged in, It said my Facebook account was suspended.

Apparently someone accessed my account and posted pics that went against policy. I immediately changed my password, and went thru the step to have my account reviewed. But for some reason I'm stuck on the Security Check part. When I press the button to send the code, I get the text with the code but get a message saying "couldn't send SMS please check the number" .

I get the text every time. I now have 26 days it says to request a review, but i'm unable to to so. Please help as i have a Business page attached to it, and would really hate to lose all my hard work and fans that I've built up over the years.

I have been hacked twice before, but not for anything as damaging as this. I have a 400$ device that's basically a brick now.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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