My account and my husbands account were both locked randomly for ID verify. Mine was locked about a week ago and his this morning.

We run a support group for those dealing with Triple Negative Breast Cancer just like I myself did. I sent in both a copy of my expired ID and my new ID as well as I emailed with at least a half dozen identifying markers(credit cards, etc) and am still locked out. We believe this was done because a woman name Susan Freed had verbally accosted me and harassed me and some other members of the group so my husband removed and blocked her. I need my account back up as it has memories of my father who we recently lost, my kids, and pics of my battle I use to help others through there own journey with breast cancer and to show them our scars and our stories are beautiful.

I have done everything in my power to get this resolved but have received no solutions and no contact from Facebook. I understand trying to protect people but unjustly locking accounts is doing the complete opposite. Please I beg of you that this be resolved. I would appreciate an email or call at 302-244-**** to update me on the situation.

My Facebook name is Crystal Lutz Robertson(Lutz is my maiden name). The group I created is TNBC(Triple Negative Breast Cancer) Warriors.

My husbands is ShaneWilliam Robertson. isname is Shane William Robertson.

User's recommendation: Facebook still has not reached out.

Location: Perkasie, Pennsylvania

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