Hi my name is Lauren and my account has been hacked. Facebook says that they are a secure entity.

Well you are not helping to get my account back for me. In which case online it says that you will get my account back. I have sent over five pictures of my identification card for the United States of America. So please tell me why youre not giving me my account back.

This is absolute and utter bullshit. If I was to bring this to court I would win because you guys claim to have a very amazing cyber security team. But youre not doing anything to give me my account back. I have proven myself fully.

The email that was linked to my Facebook originally was lbrey224@***.com

I would love to be able to skip around all of the legal mumbo-jumbo.

But if I was to bring this to court, any lawyer would have my back. My family has multiple. I would suggest you email me back very soon.

Because I am not happy. This is very unprofessional of your company.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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