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I have 3 accounts on face book Crystal Hildebrand




hildebrandcrystal19@***.com Last password DanHaiCdy85!


My ex-boyfriend got out of jail and got in my face ok accounts changed all my passwords and continued for almost 2 days posting naked pictures to my business account clients colleges and church members on this page reported I multiple times 36 hr everyone I know was reporting and u did not take it down I want my accounts unlocked and password changed to SunShineGirl85! So I can get back in them I can't even get in my email as he changed well i want robby Inman kicked off facebook I want you to know iv screen people kicked off in a hr for posting those kinds of pics the damage this has done to .y reputation career my church and family humiated the fact u kept them up so long is unbelievable I am so damn angry ur customer serviceline dose not pick up I want know what the he'll face book and mark Zuckerberg is going to do about this dobu have any idea the hit my career and family are going to take from this I make 75,000 to 100,000 thousand a yr that page is full of clients and church members my 16 and 14 yr old children my dad and mom saw those photos I'm angry he hacked it and I'm even more pist u ignored it and don't take it down there was a full nude pushy shot on there at one time 417230**** is the phone number u can reach me at as he stole my phone I'm disappointed with Facebook response to this situation I want my accounts changed to SunShineGirl85!

On all 3 accounts I want all those pics off Facebook and I darn well want know what ur going to do about it. Thank you Crystal Hildebrand

User's recommendation: Face book needs be on top of things like this it was a huge act of serial harassment and breaking of my rights as a woman the damage done is.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: My client list worth 5000 a month iv had clients inform me there not going to come back to my store my fb was hacked changed and I reported .

Facebook Pros: Keeping connected, Non that i can see.

Facebook Cons: No calling line, Please reset is not working.

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