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My sons account was hacked and his account was taken over. His photos include mail with our address and we are dealing with someone trying to break into our home.

Not sure if it's related but we need this resolved for my sons and our families safety. The hacker messaged my son and my son did so back trying to get his acct back. But that never happened. They took over his fb and Instagram.

Who knows what else. I need his acct permanently disabled or removed so he can start a new acct. One without sensitive info. My sons account was under Alexander Holgado from stayton Oregon.

It's now under Alexa Bliss from Stayton Oregon. Thats not him but all his pictures are on this hacked account.

Please help. We are desperate for answers to resolve this issue.

Preferred solution: Disabled acct..

Facebook Pros: Great way to stay connected, Was able to connect with friends and family.

Facebook Cons: Need access to account for my son.

Location: 1281 East Santiam Street, Stayton, OR 97383

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