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It seems my account was deactivated because of fringe activity that I was not aware of and now I need to enter a code that is send to my cellphone number.

Regrettably I recently changed my phone number and forgot or rather neglected to update said number in my account. But now I dont know how to proceed because there is no option to reactivate it with my primary email (the one I am writing from now)

Attached to this mail you will find a copy of my ID - please be aware that I am a transsexual and the name my account is registered to is noted on the back of my ID.

I am actually, especially due to corona, quite dependent On my Facebook account.

Please help me in the deactivation process.

Have a beautiful day and thank you very much for any help you can allocate to me,

Anne Sturm**

Facebook Pros: Connectivity.

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