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I am more than upset!! My original account-Ginny Elliott Moon was hacked end of June.

Immediately there were 4 ghost accounts appeared in blk & white, no profile, nothing in my various names, one of which is also Ginny Elliott Moon. Fbook has been of no help!! My internet carrier & I have been trying to get this mess cleaned up. We have deleted 3 accounts this week.

I am trying to get a pword for my original account & cannot do so because they keep telling the phone & email are being used on other accounts!! So now I am blocked from fbook & cannot get a password because they are wanting another phone # & email! Excuse me! That is my information!

I am not placing my debit card info on fbook to get help because the same person attempted to *** my bank accounts & my accounts were frozen for 8 days because he/company are under investigation for fraud!! All I want is to get these ghost accounts deleted, my original account back and set a pword! What is so difficult about that???

You are suppose to be the experts! I have had it & wish someone would step up to the plate & help!!!

Location: Glasgow, Kentucky

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