Hi. facebook team My name is "subendu saha". and my personal facebook account has been locked, your security system has locked my real facebook account. I send to you my identity on your official email. I want to use my facebook account, please unlock my account so that I can use it. And every time the court asks, I give the No Longer code.I am giving some screenshots and ID proof. This is my real ID and very urgent. Please help me.

Sir, I lost my phone and I bought a new phone, so I opened the phone from the new phone, Facebook, so it looks like a hack, but it is not my fake account, it is my own account, I gave the ID.

Thanks you facebook team

My personal information. I'd Name - subendu saha

Email. subendusaha7@***.com

Mobile no. 916355****

Date of barth - 13.10.1994

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

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