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Firstly my old time account on Facebook was hacked; so I tried to open a new account since I couldn't recovered the old one. After which I decided to de activated one of the account to focus using just only one Facebook account because I had two different facebook account with different phone number but thesame name and information.

To my surprise the only I account I kept to be using permanent was disabled without any offence or any warning of misconduct. So I tried to reopen another one and since then every account I open will be instantly disabled by face book which I felt so bad and unhappy about it. Currently have reopen new account up to three times today repeatedly the account was disabled, I even download all the Facebook requirements on security conscious to proof my innocent and that the information on my account was authentic all to no avail. Therefore I am seriously pleading the Facebook should kindly retrieve and release my account to be active and back to normal with 12 hours please.

I have never violated any rules deliberately and if there is anything I need to do Facebook should kindly email me through the mail I provided. Please I really and deeply apologize Incase of any faulty actions that might be unknown to me or which I might had ignorantly committed.

I really new one out of my old Facebook account to remain active.. Facebook should please open my account and stop to be disabling my account please.

Location: Lagos, Lagos

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