Hello. My name is Munkhzul Munkhjargal.

I am a citizen of Mongolia. Also I live in Korea with my family. Last few days I received emails that there are unexpected sign-in attempts to my Facebook account login email. Yesterday I received an alert notification that I need to change my Facebook account login password.

Since I received emails about unexpected sign-in attempts in a few days. I thought that I needed to change my Facebook login password. It looked like I lost my password for them through this Facebook login password change link. Then they posted some photos and videos, which are anti Facebook Community Standards.

My Facebook friend called and let me know about it. I changed the Facebook login password immediately again. Unfortunately my Facebook is blocked for 7 days due to a hacker's posts on my account. Also it is disabled after some time.

I sent an email about it yestetday. After sending the email my Facebook account has recovered. But it is disabled again just a few hours later. I understand you have community standards and rules to manage accounts.

But in this case the posts made by my account are made by hackers. So please understand this situation, recover my account and unblock the actions on Facebook with my account. I have sent my passport copy.

Since I am verifying myself with my ID, could I get the Blue badge too? Thank you.

My Facebook account login email address is zula_zulaa@***.com

Mobile number to contact me +82-10-76**-**79

Location: Seoul, Seoul

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