Hello sir

I hope that all of you are okay.

Actually The Facebook administration banned my account and give me Time limit to delete my Facebook account if I couldnt prove my identity

My name is Abdulmajid B Moh

My surname is Marie

My passport number is L6J7GKL

My email on Facebook account is abdoobmm@***.com

My phone Number is 00218********

My another phone numbers on Facebook account is Pakistani number 009230****4794 Which is I used to use in Karachi when I was working in Pakistan at Pak Libya holding company subsidiary Lafico

My mistake I didnt delete the Pakistani number from my account when I left Pakistan to go back to my country Libya and I had forgotten my password Facebook email.

The Facebook Administration has been send message to me to proof my identity or they will be delete my account

If you could please help me to use my account because I have been use this account since almost 9 years and I have around above 1500 friends all over the world and we have a lot memories together.

Sir I am on your hand to prove my identity by my friends, passport and my phone number or anything else

part of my friends are my family like Abel Mari, Khaled Marie, Mohamed Marie and my wife clammy Falcon and another friends like Abdo Alshamli, Abdussalam o Alameen, Aziz Elkish, osama Elighadi

I am awaiting your reply

thanks a million

with my regards

Location: Tripoli, Tarabulus

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