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Account disabledWhen: started last Dec 30 (temporary disable)

Issue: The login page says that I posted prohibited pictures or videos of nudity etc (which I did not do and would not do)

Actions taken: I emailed you and called your California hotline for assistance and restoration of my 12yr account, I also uploaded my ID as requested so that as you said my account will be justly reviewed.

Request: Please kindly restore reactivate my account, this account is my means of earning f0r my 2kids (I post pictures of used cars for sale and personal family pictures so I would not post any of those accusation) I guess someone who could be jealous of what I have just wanted to make my life miserable so I got reported or something. I am the the only one providing for my kids, I have a husband but he is not providing or has any intent of providing for us..

My Dad just passed away this Jan 10, the only thing and memories I have of him is this account "Anne DG".

my childrens baby pictures until present is all there.

please help me get my account back. +639235****57 Philippines

Thank you so much.

Location: Quezon City, Manila

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