Hello. My name is Mark Napier and I think my account was Mark Napier 22.

Nonetheless, I think my account was suspended because I used a photograph that is still in proof mode. I'm trying to set up my campaign to run for US House of Representatives. I am still waiting for my photographs to be sent to me. The photo shoot was this past Saturday.

I'm trying to put some substance up there but until I get my normal photograph that's what I was using.

If you want to take the photograph off the just leave it blank like I normally could have had it. Your site and the email sent to me offers no explanation other than your account has been suspended.

Your customer service I'm sorry to say is lacking substance to send someone into an oblivian.

Hours left homeless on the streets for five years because I stood up and reported the downloading of child ponography on to see a top-secret computers. I am trying to now run for office to represent the homeless the discarded and forgotten.

So I would appreciate it if you folks could re-establish the site and until I get my proofs in that are regular photographs then please set up my side again and just remove the picture that was on there. The other photograph in the background with me in Afghanistan or the agency back in the day I don't understand why that was kicked out but if so be it.

User's recommendation: Do not use a proof picture even as a placeholder, but Facebook reopened my account 2 days later and I was able to fix the issue with a new photograph.

Location: Miami, Florida

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