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My identity has been stolen due to my facebook account azizza marie alqarni being hacked threw a cash app scheme the hacker is still using the hacked account for more cash app schemes and trying to lure my friends into it thinking it is me. Using pictures of my kids.

Changing profile and cover photos. There was a picture of my drivers license in messenger. I can not get into the account it says it dosen't go against community standards but it does... my identity and kids identity have been stolen along with personal information.....

please help.... I am debating calling the news about this... This is not okay at all... I had a notification saying there was a login in ohio then nigera next thing im locked out of my account..

please help!!!!! The hacker is sending my drivers license out to people in the cash app scheme

Facebook Pros: Support, Being hacked and identity stolen.

Facebook Cons: Identity stolen.

Location: Shelby, North Carolina

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