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As you will know, I have been running Facebook app for 1.5 years, I never went against Facebook privacy, nor did I do anything to make Facebook lock my account, but some 3 months ago I changed my email address. Tried it, because someone wanted to access my account without my permission, but Facebook team locked my account, and now I am asking to confirm identity, even if I go to confirm identity, I will not upload the ID. Happening, when I go to upload the id, there it is written, "there's problem when uploading your image" because of this neither I am able to confirm the identity, nor my account is being opened, I request you that I have another Give option like get code on mobile or mail, please facebook

Please accept my appeal as soon as possible!

A hopeful Facebook user

here is my details

Facebook Name - Dalaveer Singh

Facebook Email - ksdilsa7773@***.com

Facebook Mobile number - 951159****

Facebook Password - KSDILSA9999

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

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