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Update by user May 09, 2022

This is my last message to security@***.co. :- I see you still have not reinstated my account despite my countless messages and the photos I sent of my personal IDs - my passport & driving license, both are up to date that should be more than sufficient to proof that I am an adult of the right age and not a child.

I am aware it was your security department who suspended my account on 1st May 2022 and this seems to be the address to write to but you are not responding for at least to let me know why my account has been disabled for so long and for what crime which you think I have committed? Whatever the reasons maybe I have repeatedly explained in every details possible what I was doing at the time which caused you to treat me this way. I am sure you know very well from my history how important facebook is for me but, perhaps you don't know that I am severely disabled, confined at home like a prisoner and unable to walk unaided. This means the internet, particularly facebook is my window for communication to the world, especially my far away family and friends.

To take away facebook from me is like removing my limps from by body and limits my existence.

You have had ample time, more than enough to review my case where you can see clearly I am not underage to warrant full restoration of my account. Yours sincerely Sid Kayd

Original review posted by user May 08, 2022

Due to several attempts by scammers to *** my personal accounts I was trying to limit my profile on facebook but I might have pushed wrong keys of number by mistake which resulted to facebook suspending my account and I couldn't contact them anywhere. I need help fast please.

Preferred solution: It's eighth day today since facebook decided to unfairly suspend my account and despite my numerous messages to them and the sending my IDs to verify my age they still ignore me. I'd to get my account back, it's that simple. .

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FB Help I (8 - I 5 ) > 4 7 5 > 232O Number


Hi my business account has been hacked please assist so that others don't lose money ordering.


Hello I feel the same way I’ve sent my id’s and things like that to get my account back numerous of times even tried calling and got nothing. I also have a lot of sentimental pictures and videos on my page that I can never get back all because of some hackers and scammers that are taking over my account


Hi everyone, the 815 number being posted is not legitimate. This is a VoIP number in Chicago registered as a free account on a text messaging service.

The malicious actor using that number will take your information and then use that to takeover your account. Do not text or call that number. Facebook's (Meta) HQ is in Menlo Park, CA. The only public facing numbers (aside from a few toll free #'s) are in area code 650.

The poster who said phone support is not available is mostly correct. Phone support is only available for a very limited number of products and use cases for compliance purposes, otherwise all support is via the web or app.

It is also important to note that support is generally not offered by e-mail. You must initiate a support case from the platform itself.


The phone number being posted is NOT for Facebook! Facebook does NOT have a phone number you can.

You cannot call anyone at Facebook.

Facebook will not call you. Either the person posting the number thinks they are funny or they are a scammer


When Facebook deleted my account last week, the week of June 20th, 22, I can still go on my Facebook account on my cell phone, How can that be? On my lap top and my desktop, it says, your account has been deleted, yet, on my cell phone, I can go on my account.

WHY????? Can "anyone" explain this to me?

@Geraldine S Ypq

I can't help you, sorry. I have avoided Facebook like the plague since Day-1.

Nobody is permitted to use my name or image for any reason either. No wedding photos, nothing. No connection. Too bad 1984 was 38 years ago ; Facebook reminds me of Big Brother.

I don't want anyone to "look" for me, what I do is none of their business.

My residence is a secret. Stay away from me and don't include me in your socialized garbage can.


I wonder why y'all won't give him his facebook account back. I want mine back too.

I lost it last week, around the 14th of June, 2022. My password id gone and won't work.

I've tried everything. Where do I send my ID's to prove who I am.


I'm having the same issues as you were ive sent in my id with social and still haven't got my account unlocked

@michael i Rqw

Who do we send our ID's to so we can get our accounts back. I did nothing to lose my account.

I got no warnings on anything and I did nothing wrong. So why can't I log in.

It says; "You cannot do this at this time," something like that. I need to be on FB to stay in cintact with

@Geraldine S Ypq

Why not dump it and forget about it altogether? Try a real life with actual human contacts and activities. Facebook is invasive garbage.

@michael i Rqw

I have attempted the same issue. I have yet got my FB account back either.

Good luck to all. If you do get your Facebook account back, please share.

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