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My names Cassandra Lee Vit D.O.B 25/03/1989.

I am contacting you today to discuss a matter that has happened and that needs correcting.

On Sunday the 08/08/2021 my personal FB account was hacked around 11pm that night. Along with my email but I was able to secure that. This hacker has hacked over 20 women that Im aware of and this is being investigated by a detective whos taking this matter very serious.

This *** threatened me through my sisters FB account I can provide the images if needed. He put me on a count down and said if I didnt meet his demands he would release naked Images of me and my friend. Which he then did.

I got everyone I knew to report my account for anything and everything as I wanted this *** off my personal stuff. He sent multiple messages to my friends and family I have screen shot proof from them and everyone is willing to show you and confirm this as well.

This account needs to be reactivated as its mine and it was taken from me.

I also have all other social accounts connected to this so I cant access those either which includes my instagram account.

I would like this matter to be discussed as its 100% the truth and I deserve to have whats rightfully mine back.

I would like to be contacted regarding this as I am very unhappy about it this is also the 10th attempt at contacting you since its happened. I would like a response to this and I would like it sent to another email cassandra.since.1989@***.com.

Email that was hacked is Cassandra.since.1989@***.com

The email I have provided is for my new fb I had to make.

So this not the account I want to gain access back too (sandralovetitan@***.com this is so I can have this reviewed again as the review is not correct and I disagree with the decision.

If theres no response I will be following up and I will be having legal team to help me with this.

Kind regards,

Cassandra L Vit

Date 12/08/2021

Preferred solution: My account back .

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