My account got hacked November 11th. My password was changed and I reported it as not me then I was shut down I sent in my driver's license 3 different times and I was told there was no account that matched my information.

I later changed my password and it was changed once again by not me. I did notice it is way too easy to change a password without any type of verification code or anything like that. I have sent many emails with no response. I have also found a helpline that also has no response.

Why have a helpline if there is no call center for anyone to help me?

Makes no sense and I want my original account back now, I have had to make a new profile but hate it because all my personal memories are gone and events and also have information on the original account that I need. Can someone help me or am I going to have to keep leaving bad reviews on the customer service?

User's recommendation: Customer service doesn't help at all!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Anaheim, California

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