My FB and Instagram account was hacked on February 10, 2022. I am unable to log into either account because the hackers change my password and email.

I have emailed to FB support but the emails are redirected to the hackers fake FB help. When my friends report to FB or IG their emails are being redirected to the fake help email. No one answers any of the phone numbers for FB. I am very pissed off and how can a billion dollar company not have a better way to reach them when this happens to us and how can they allow our personal information to be compromised and we aren't able to reach anyone.

I am so frustrated and have been going around in circles for a week now and nothing has been RESOLVED!!! The hackers are impersonating me and creating all kind of fake accounts with my pictures on it in other countries as well and sending my friends messages through messenger impersonating me asking them for money. I am in desperate need of HELP.

For a billion dollar company to not have any kind of security factors to protect us or for us to reach them is very pathetic and sad and they are aware of these hackers and aren't doing anything about it. If someone has experience what I'm going through can you please direct me on what I need to do for help my identity has been compromised and I am a nervous reck....

User's recommendation: BEWARE of HACKERS impersonating your friends on Facebook messenger and IG.

Preferred solution: My FB and IG accounts back from the HACKERS and all the fake impersonating accounts on me removed ASAP. There is 8 fake accounts Foreign accounts as well!!!.

Facebook Cons: Trying to login and end up locked out of my facebook.

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