Some one has gotten into my facebook and has been able to take control over it. My d.o.b.

changed password email phone number changed. I feel so helpless and I have not been able to get anyone from facebook to help. Nor to even acknowledge this issue. Someone who ever has done this and I feel that they are being allowed to such.

My facebook I have had for over 15 years and has the only pics I have of my father who has passed away and my son who has passed away as well. It has a lot of personal Unreplaceable pics video's and only way I was able to get in contact with some friends and family. This problem has been ongoing sense the first of Oct and unfortunately I was kicked out of my google account that was linked to my facebook.

However I was able to regain control and access to my emails. However to late to be able to follow the link facebook sent letting me know my email was changed unable to reverse the change.

Location: Olathe, Kansas

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