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It seems like they are contacting people on my Instagram I’ve had several people contact me via phone and asked me if I talk with him on Instagram I don’t even have access to my Instagram I did send a picture of the person who I have an idea of who it is while they were trying to kick me out of my Facebook I was screenshot in the information and the Facebook account settings there was an email that popped up so I would’ve been verify their email address to see who it was their location phone number and information like that it was bogus but it did give me a name agent David Stevens

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My Facebook and Instagram both have been hacked it started with my It started with my Facebook and they need to go on my Instagram theyve been in my DM contacting and communion people communicating with people trying to get them to do a scam most of my family members have been either blocked or they have tried to contact them and my family contact me personally via my phone I also told them to report the page as hot and they also sent me a screen recording of the conversation I would like access back both to my Facebook and Instagram

User's recommendation: Don’t talk to ppl you don’t know……….

Preferred solution: Access to my accounts.

Facebook Cons: Asking my family and friends for money, Dangerous poor communication and no ability to stop hackers, Useless at helping customers, Disinformation.

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