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Dear Facebook Administrations,

You must know this that the Ethiopian Prime Minster of Abiy Ahmed is misusing your plat form using the people he is higher in the Ethiopian Intelligent service workers in Addis Ababa and in the USA and Canada as well as Europe. The guy hired more than, 7000 people to do this dirty work.

Among this are some who has Facebook access of Ethiopian Descents who live in the USA, Canada, in EU. They use the leverage Facebook gave them to access our information using Facebook and this people act as if they work for Facebook, and they block people constantly those who are against this Dictator Abiy Ahmed. For example, they restricted my Facebook account, saying that I went against the Facebook community standard. For one, what I posted is still on Twitter.

I did not break the law at all. The world I used in that post is called in Amharic "ሸለፈታም" means Shelefetam. Shelefetam means in English the Uncircumcision. Uncircumcision is a word as we know too well in the Christian Bible as well as the Jewish Bible to describe those who do not believe in the God of Israel but "Baal".

And this group I descried with this name are killing /slaughter, displacing my people in Ethiopia called Amharas. I am being the mouth please of this people who can not voice their own because they are under great Tyranny Abiy Ahmed. Not only this people are stepping on my Canadian constitutional right for Personal Freedom, they are cooperating this evil things to happen in Ethiopia. I would like Facebook to act on this kind of people who are working for Abiy Amed and paid by him who are hired on Facebook yet use this plat form who opposes his EVIL act on the innocents' people of Amharas in Ethiopia.

I would like to ask Facebook Administrators to see this trained who are working on Facebook for the Ethiopian government employees who misuse the privilege's Facebook gave them to serve their community. I am Canadian citizens and in doing so they are breaking the Canadian law, according to the Canadian constitutions this act means they not only step on my proposal freedom on the Canadian acts but try to threaten me and their aim is to create fear. I will not accept this act. I will fight this act even if this means I must go to court.

Thank you. Tigist Teffera.

User's recommendation: Either remove this people who are paid by Abiy Amed of Ethiopian prime minister or Put some on over them as Authoritry figer that will see evvery thing this poeple are doing on others using the Facebook plat form to silence the voice of the voiceless. This has to be the Moral obligation of Facebook to help other people who are in Tyranny hand.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Pros: Connect people world wide.

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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