My Facebook has been hacked and there's nothing being done about it, on the behalf of Facebook. I've tried everything to get this page back and nothing has worked.

I've contacted Facebook about the situation and my friends have reported the page hacked, and still nothing has happened. My Facebook page is Kyle S. Gaskins the hacker has locked me out of my page. He or she has done nothing physical that you can see, but they have gone through my friends list and have been contacting my friends, trying to con money out of them.

They even had a nerve to contact my sister and my brother, and is my friends are smart enough to know it is not me, the hacker blocks them. I am requesting to Facebook; if you cannot get my page back to me to at least shut it down, because this is detrimental to person's reputation and the confidence they have built in friendships.

User's recommendation: I recommendations to Future customers is please be careful frequently change your passwords and it's possible stay continuously involved with your Facebook so you know what's going on.

Location: Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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