Hello my name is Karla sanguineti. I sent my driver license photo in yesterday and you guys are reviewing my account so its now locked.

Yesterday I noticed unusual activity around 9am there was a new page in my account and it was all in Vietnamese so I could understand nor it would let me delete this page off of my profile because it said I wasnt the admin of that business page that suddenly appeared yesterday. Then I noticed that they tried placing an ad with one of ny credit cards it didnt go through the first time around and the people that hacked my profile messaged Facebook saying that they need that ad to go through. You guys responded and made it happen. So now I dont know if it was with my card.

I started getting all these notifications for this ad I never made and then I sent over my id now my profile is locked. I also saw they changed my email to theirs so this is very scary.

I just want my profile back since its locked . all help me out?

Location: Houston, Texas

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