Facebook sent me a link to open and it never opened they sent me two of them and neither one of them ever opened nobody's ever contacted me about my original Facebook that is packed and being controlled by Arlene Conrad and her email is below my email and it's like the alpha male over my email if I get a code or anything it goes to her and when I get it does not work never does and it says there's a error I have this temporary one set up and tagged my kids but Facebook has done nothing to help me and it's terrible because she had me go to a store and buy an eBay Card for $25 she told me to scratch off the back take a picture send it to her and she would give me back my Facebook back... then she tried to get me to go in and get another one saying that one was no good I called eBay and they ran the number and they told me of Patricia had taken the money and they gave me the email address too.

that is bribery that should never occur I'm ashamed of even doing that but I did it not wanting to involve the law or anybody else I just thought she would give it back to me and it would be over it's all in messenger I think the hacker just changes names and keeps posting this cash app post. She said shes putting money into your cash app and what would you do with it it's the same page that I temporary on this temporary account I have so if you guys can help me get my Facebook back.

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

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