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I don't think that was fair because I have a lot of things on there lots of memories like my parents and they are deceased and I need my Facebook back so it was possible for you guys please help me as soon as possible

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My Facebook was hacked and see what the problem is I am able to put my Gmail on when it says login but but I am not able to get on it because someone had my face book and put a new Gmail on it so every time I try to login to my email so I can receive the code I cannot get it because they are receiving the code they went in and changed everything on my Facebook so every time I try to put my Gmail in on the other side once I get in it's sad that they have no email connected to any Facebook but I went through a lot and they also found but they keep saying they want to send a a code to me and I cannot receive that code because they have hook they Gmail up to I was trying to see if I could remove the Gmail account because that's not my Gmail so basically they really had my account because they put their Gmail that they made it on my Facebook so I have no access to my Facebook I can't even receive any codes any numbers anything so I need to receive my Facebook because I have a lot of things on there that I need not just off my Facebook on my messenger and that's how I make my money someone is hacking my account I need to get my account back I need use my account cold to me

User's recommendation: Please help me get my Facebook account back.

Preferred solution: Facebook was hacked.

Facebook Pros: Visiting friends and family.

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