I was using my Facebook all day today. I decided to change my password to further protect myself from a hacker who was pretending to be AG ATrain.

The hacker who pretended to be AG ATrain got a hold of my phone number and used my number and created a new email address with my profile account. I tried to change my Facebook password and I didn't see the code to change my password. So when I went to change everything, I found out the email address was changed. My email starts with the letter i.

The hacker who pretended to be AG used an email starting with the letter p. I want to KEEP my Facebook profile account. As a consumer, I shouldn't have to create a new profile because of a hacker taking over my account. I've had my Facebook profile since 2009.

Each time I go to my profile, it won't let me in. On top that, the hacker is racial profiling many Facebook users as hackers. These innocent people are African American men and women.

Please help me get my profile back!!!!! Not making a new profile page on Facebook so the hacker can repeat this bad habit all over again to me and other users.

User's recommendation: Help Facebook users keep their pages from hackers when they use their phone numbers.

Facebook Pros: Stay connected to friends and family, Family friendly, Enjoy using facebook live.

Facebook Cons: Trouble changing password, Hackers love facebook, Not enough privacy protection, Hackers target african americans.

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