Hello Instagram Team,

Sir I Am Using My Official Instagram Account From Last 5 Years, Sir I Have Faced No problem in Last 5 Years . Sir When I Linked Facebook to my Instagram Account .

My Instagram is Disabled in 26 May 2021 ,10:34 PM ago Without Any Reason. Sir my facebook account is Also Disabled. I have already Contact your Help center and fill your all form but to Any Response .then I have received a code then I will took a picture with code and I will resend a mail , I have already waited 30days but no any response from instagram Sad. I want to recover my instagram Disable account but I'm not available to logging so please help me to log in because when I got to log in, there is showing " your account has been disabled for violating our terms " but please trust me I didn't do intentionally to violate your terms, if I did that was my mistake and I'm so sorry for that forgive me.Sir I submit my request Appeal to Facebook and Instagram Team, but I Can't received any response from facebook and instagram team.

Sir I Request to you please check and Verify my identity of disabled facebook and instagram account. Sir I Request to you please recover my by mistake disabled Facebook account. And by mistake instagram account .

Sir I have stored my personal information in my instagram account . Sir I can't lost my memories and Brand connection or followers Relationship , Sir my Family also Depend on my Instagram Income, Please understand my Situation.Sir Please Solve my problem as soon as possible.

Next time I will never try to do

Thank you!!

Username : mohan_prajapati07

Facebook ID : Mohan Prajapati

Registeredemail : mohankumarmshto1@***.com


Location: Dhanbad, Jharkhand

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