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Hello, my name is Mike Penic and I am facing a huge issue with negligence on Instagram. 15 days ago, my Instagram account was hacked, and the hackers are now using my account to steal money from my followers.

For 15 days I have been trying everything possible to get my account back or deleted and it has been deemed nearly impossible with the terrible automated support services that Instagram and Facebook offer. Since my account was hacked 2 of my followers have fell victim to the scam they are promoting on my page and had their life savings taken from them from the hackers. I have reached out to everyone possible and have even made a police report and a report to the FTC and nothing has been done about this. I am now reaching out to all the news channels to see if I can get my story out there so that maybe someone from Instagram or Facebook team reaches out to help.

This is a serious crime that these people are doing and not only is it causing innocent people to lose their life savings, but it could possibly lead to someones suicide if the wrong [person loses everything they have worked for over a scam.. I Desperately need someones help to get this story out so the right person can help. Below is some detail and back story on what has happened and what is happening to this day.

On October 15th i was contacted on Instagram from my old YouTube manager about doing a promotion video for a company called This was not out of the ordinary because he uses to get me promotion and brand deals all the time being our manager for our YouTube channel.

After filming the short video, he sent me a code that i was supposed to screen shot and send back so it was proof that it was me that did the video and was getting paid for the video. Little did i know that my old YouTube managers account was already hacked and it was the hackers that got me to do the video and send them the code from my phone which gave them full access to my Instagram account. The Hackers are now using my account to scam my followers into the same scam that they did to me. They have gotten 2 people that i personally know to invest using my image and likeness and the hackers drained their bank accounts.

I have tried everything to contact Facebook and Instagram but there is no actual help line to get ahold of, it is all a bunch of automated responses that get nowhere. I have had hundreds of people report my account and it is still up and running and scamming innocent people out of money because they trust that it is me that is talking to them when it is clearly not. If we do not get my account shut down these hackers are going to ruin peoples life's by stealing their life savings. Mark Zuckerberg wants people to spend all their tine in the Metaverse, but they cant even provide basic customer service to existing Facebook and Instagram users.

It would be completely unacceptable in any company where accountability mattered to let a situation like this continue to happen without any sort of action.

The simple fact that i cannot get my account back and or get it shut down now for 3 weeks is reckless and is unacceptable. The scammers are now using and posting pictures of my 2-year-old daughter within their scam which is absolutely sickening and disgusting.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Preferred solution: My account back or deleted so people stop falling for the scam that the hackers are using my account for..

Location: Los Angeles, California

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