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I was scammed and my instagram was hacked. I tried to retrieve my instagram with the resources provided and was not able to.

I would like assistance with this if there is another way aside from revert email. I never got that option in the email i recieved. Also if i try to send a link to my email, the hacker changed the email and removed my phone number as well. The hacker/scammer is using my profile to decieve other users and sew ankle to hall some of my friends instagrams as well.

I can prove I am the rightful owner of the michyc85 instagram. I spoke via instagram to a belike.naomii. she also told me her boss would be calling me from a phone number. I was told to follow instructions to flip money.

I thought this was like a stock thing and since i dont know how it works and saw my friend posted a video i thought it was true. It turned out the video i saw was a similar video they asked me to provide as proof i am who i am to make sure the payment goes to the rightful owner. The video i recorded to provide proof of my identity is the video they use to scan my friends. That is how i was scammed because i saw my friend post the video along with what i thought was "proof" that my friend was able to flip her money.

They ask where to send the money to and is only to know your info to make it seem as if you were paid. I was told to send an amount to flip but then there was a fee that would be reimbursed due to state to state transactions. Once again I am not familiar with stocks and trusting my friend's videos and posts on her Instagram i believed it was legitament. I have never been scammed or hacked before.

I have pictures/ memories of family, friends, and precious moments on Instagram and have been robbed of not only my money but also beautiful memories of my life.

My friends Karhmarit Fajardo, Janicksa Serrano and Eli Morales also were deceived with this same instagram profile. Belike.naomii is a fraud, a hacker and a scammer!!!!

User's recommendation: If you see an offer on a friends story make sure your friend responds before you decide to do any transactions. Even videos of your friends can be manipulated.

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