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Hello this is Allison Bright and I really would like my Instagram account retrieved because it has been hacked into. Im unsure how Instagram solves the situation but they took my password and changed it and they changed my username as your company is aware of.

I would like to know my options that I have to how to handle the situation. A lot of the photos that I added down below were on my Instagram account for proof that it was my account. I would really like the hacker held accountable for their actions. My Instagram account is a part of my identity because my loved ones photos where on there.

My account was once a allieb_00. The hacker changed the username but still kept Allie. Can you please help me retrieve my account back before the hacker takes over. The hacker is committing a crime and needs to be held accountable as I mentioned.

If you need any more information I will give it to you I just want my account back if possible and as soon as possible if it is retrievable. Can you please help me understand my options and how to handle the situation. I have reported the account and I am hoping Instagram hopefully is taking care of it. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible with what else I can do, because I am angry, scared, upset, and I am mortified by the situation.

Im not sure whether I need to contact the helpdesk to get into my account or support.

I do have a hackers email but I dont know if that will help the situation because they used a different email and got rid of mine in my personal account.

The hackers email that was possibly used was Clamsmith095@***.com and it came up New Jersey when I got logged out after they have switched it. Thanks you, and I hope you will help me solve the situation soon before it gets worse and you can help retrieve my account that means a lot to me.

User's recommendation: My Instagram was hacked.

Location: Sharon, Pennsylvania

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